The art or craft of embellishing fabric with thread and needle is called embroidery. The embroidery styles displays custom artwork on fabrics, names, and logos of clubs, organizations, and businesses. Many machine-driven and custom Embroidery methods exist, including whitework techniques and candle-wicking embroidery. Let’s talk briefly about different embroidery techniques.

Counted thread embroidery

This method of embroidery uses counting threads in fabric to create each stitch. These stitches can be referred to as symmetrical. Cross stitch is one of the most popular counted thread embroidery styles. Blackwork embroidery is another popular technique.

Outline Embroidery

embroidery styles

This embroidery styles uses a variety of stitches to create the design outline. These include back stitch, outline, stem stitch, chain stitch, and back stitch. This technique involves overlapping the back stitches to create a new pattern.

Whitework Embroidery

embroidery styles

The whitework embroidery styles uses white fabric and white floss. This technique is also known as French Laid work. This technique can be used for different embroidery techniques, such as shadow work and Broderie-Anglaise.

Candlewicking Embroidery

embroidery styles

Candlewicking embroidery can be used as an alternative to whitework embroidery. This embroidery uses an unbleached, heavy cotton thread on unbleached muslin. The candlewicking technique can be considered “traditional embroidery” as it uses an older technique called the “colonial knot.” These colonial knots can be made on the design line.

Patchwork Embroidery

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This technique involves small pieces of fabric being assembled on another fabric base. The aesthetics dictate how they are arranged. This technique can be used with either machine or hand stitches.

The patchwork technique can be used to create a more dramatic effect. You can also use any type of stitch to decorate your design. This technique is used primarily to decorate quilts.

Shadow Work Embroidery

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Shadow work embroidery uses herringbone stitch, usually used on semitransparent or transparent fabrics. The shadow work can be seen on the fabric’s face beautifully. This technique can be used on sheer or semi-sheer fabrics, as well as lightweight fabrics such as voile, lawn and organza.

Fish Scale Embroidery

embroidery styles

Fish-scale embroidery uses the scale of fishes like goldfish to create the embroidery designs. This embroidery is usually done on velvet. This technique involves first preparing the scales of the fish and then creating holes at the bases of each scale. It can then be sewn onto the fabric.

You can always embroider by hand or using a sewing machine. This method is more reliable than digital printing. Every embroidered project can be unique because of the many combinations of thread, stitch, and fabric.

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